District Attorney Keith Schroeder seeks assignment of special prosecutor

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

Even though District Attorney Keith Schroeder has gotten permission to have two interns in his office, he may not be done yet.

He wants to be able to hire Kevin O’Conner, who is running for Sedgwick County District Attorney as a special prosecutor in his office.

O’Conner has also been a special prosecutor for the Attorney General’s Office as well, says Schroeder who says he wants to use O’Conner for a couple of cases, including a Habeas Corpus filing where the defendant is accusing Schroeder of getting witnesses to commit perjury with their testimony that he says helped convict him.

And, there is another case of aggravated kidnapping that he may ask O’Conner to handle. He says he can appoint anyone he wants as a special prosecutor, but state statutes require he get the approval of the County Commission. O’Conner most recently was a special prosecutor for the A-G’s office in the Adam Longoria Capital Murder case in Great Bend.

He says the rate of pay would be 50-dollars per hour which is about standard. That issue may come up as an agenda item in the next few weeks.

O’Conner you might recall ran against Schroeder for the District Attorney’s position here in Reno County when the former D-A, Tim Chambers decided to run for judge.

Schroeder also told the commission that he hired two interns for the summer months. One is Thomas Colonna, a West Point Graduate who is currently going to the Kansas University. He earned the Bronze Star in Iraq.

The other is Natasha Essau who is a Buhler graduate, also went to Bethel College, and is now attending Washburn University in Topeka.

Both would be paid 10-dollars per-hour for when their eligible to be paid and would be here late spring through the summer.

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