UPDATE : One suspect dead, two wounded after police respond to Wichita home invasion

Posted 2 years ago

By Fred Gough

WICHITA (AP) – Wichita police say officers shot and killed a 17-year-old home invasion suspect and critically wounded two other men who fled from a rear door.

No officers were injured. Police are looking for a fourth suspect who drove away from the home early Friday. The vehicle was later found.

Police Chief Norm Williams says two of the three suspects who ran out of the back of the house had weapons in their hands. He says the officers gave repeated verbal commands for them to stop, get on the ground and drop their weapons.

Williams says some people at the house were on the front porch when the armed men pushed them inside. A woman already inside the home called 911 to report that men with guns had forced their way in.

  • eye witness

    maybe those young men will go to church now and hopely god will let the other one in the gates of heaven

  • Eye for an eye

    Great job a few less to worry about now robbing people. When are these losers gonna learn get a job it is much easier.