Hutchinson Community College Board of Trustees tour of two construction projects

Posted 3 years ago

By News Staff

The Hutchinson Community College Board of Trustees began their April meeting with a tour of the new 90-foot, 5-KW wind turbine recently erected behind the Hutchinson Career and Technical Education Academy. The turbine, shown in this story, will be shared with USD 308, will be used in the Renewable Energy education program. The program is a partnership between Hutchinson Community College and USD 308, and will focus on the repair and maintenance of a variety of renewable energy generators, including wind, solar and geo-thermal power generating systems.

The Board also toured the recently completed Motorcycle Storage Facility. The Facility, located adjacent to Gowans Stadium, provides storage and training area for the HCC Motorcycle Safety program, in addition to storage space for the HCC Maintenance and Facilities department and the HCC Athletic Department. The building allows the relocation of the motorcycle storage facility closer to the instruction driving range, located by the Hutchinson Sports Arena. The construction of the new facility also allows for more instructional space in the Industrial Technology Center by freeing space in the South bay of the ITC for a laboratory area.

The Board also met members of the HCC Lady Dragon basketball team. The team completed its best season in the program’s 38-year history at 36-1. The team won the Jayhawk West and Region VI championship and was the national runner-up in the NJCAA Women’s Basketball Championship, the team’s best finish in three national tournament berths.

The Board heard a report from architects with the firm of Schaefer Johnson Cox & Frey, Architects on proposed renovations to the Quest Center, located 1 East 9th Avenue. When completed, the Center will allow for increased instructional space for a variety of allied health programs, including: physical therapy assistant, respiratory therapist, surgical technologist and health information technologies.

The next meeting of the board will be on Tuesday, May 8.

2 Responses to “Hutchinson Community College Board of Trustees tour of two construction projects”

  1. Joe Schmo says:

    Expanding Educational Healthcare Programs in the wake of recent, significant, local Hospital Lay-Offs?

    Is anyone aware of the mixed messages? What is really going on here?

    People are so gullible; let’s celebrate another illusion.

  2. Joe says:

    If you are not aware there are a multitude of students that come to HCC from other areas. This means that students are trained in Hutchinson and then move to other communities to work, start and raise their families. Are you aware that the school has nothing to do with the layoffs at the Hutchinson Hospital, and that anyone attending HCC is free to move to any community they wish to have a career. Are you, Joe, aware that you are a sending a very clear message? YOU ARE NOT VERY SMART, and when you post stupid things like above you are publicly admitting to your stupidity. If you haven’t noticed, or aren’t “aware”, health care is growing at a national level in leaps and bounds, so why should HCC not take advantage of training these students?

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