Play is Child’s Work

Posted 3 years ago

By Todd Nelson

It is never too soon to start playing with your baby. You can play with very young children by talking, making faces, tickling and playing peek-a-boo games.
The need for play continues to increase as children age. Play is the main way children learn. It helps them communicate and develop skills that lead to being happy, healthy, well-balanced adults. Play also gives you a chance to bond with your child.

Children are affected by play on five different fronts:
• Physical – Developing co-ordination, physical fitness and health
• Social – learning about friendships, personality and emotions
• Emotional – practicing adult roles through role play
• Language – communication skills and problem solving
• Cognitive – children develop an understanding of concepts and explore different materials while playing.
Playing with your child makes him or her feel loved and special. Take your cues from the child and play at their level. If your child returns to the same toys again and again, don’t worry, this is normal. Just follow their leads.

Children have different types of play, and they need a balance of all of them.
• Imaginative play
• Construction
• Creative play
• Physical play
Next time you are faced with the decision of whether to play or complete a chore, play with with your child and know you are making memories and helping prepare them for life. In the process you’ll establish a closeness that gives them security, and bonds you together.
Find “playful” opportunities in Hutchinson April 15 through April 19 at the Week of the Young Child activities.
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