Hutch man arrested for 5-outstanding warrants makes court appearance Friday

Posted 4 years ago

By News Staff

A 29-year-old Hutchinson man who had outstanding warrants for failing to appear in court was spotted by law enforcement on Thursday leading to a short foot chase. 

Joshua Bietka was taken into custody in the 200 block of North Adams and now finds himself jailed on a bond of 133-thousand, 500-dollars.

He made a court appearance Friday morning where he was told he could face additional charges of felony interference with law enforcement, and battery of a law enforcement officer.  His bond was left where it was during that hearing, partly because some of the bonds were set by other judges.

5-total warrants had been issued for his arrest for four pending felony cases where he failed to appear.

It was back on January 27 when two warrants were issued for failing to appear for two cases before Magistrate Judge Randy McEwen.

In one case, he’s charged with aggravated assault, when a Hutchinson woman says she was in fear of her safety when he allegedly came at her with a vehicle. That allegedly occurring on October 8, of last year.

The other case involved being in possession of methamphetamine. In this case, a South Hutchinson Police Officer saw him in the lobby of the Trails West Motel and knew he had an outstanding warrant. After the officer confirmed the warrant, he was arrested and in one of his pockets was clear bag with a white crystal substance that tested positive for meth. It allegedly was around a gram.

Bietka along with Lisa Teeters were arrested back on December 21 for a meth distribution case occurring at the same South Hutchinson Motel, and he was recently bound over for trial in an earlier case when he was allegedly caught selling meth in October at a car wash across from K-Mart on East 30th in Hutchinson.

He’ll be back in court next week or when ever the state files formal charges for the tussle with police Thursday.

4 responses to “Hutch man arrested for 5-outstanding warrants makes court appearance Friday”

  1. Jeff says:

    ok here is my question. So he goes to jail and bonds out on several different occassions, some with a really high bond. He im sure used a bond company to get out. Did the bonding company have to pay any money to the court for him not showing up? If not man that is a pretty good business…. these bonding companies need to be held responsible for bonding these criminals out and them not showing up for court. If they arent held responsible then the judges need to be for allowing them to get away with it

    • YES says:

      Yes the bonds man or women is responsible for the bond amount. But usually they have 30 days to either get whom ever jumped bail or to start working on cosigners because @ the end of the 30 days the courts are getting there money. That is unless granted a little more time by a judge.

  2. Jeff says:

    well I happen to know some of these shady bonds people our getting people out of jail on huge bonds for very little money…because they know the courts arent going them to pay anyways. ask anyone that hangs around the courthouse and they will tell you the same thing. its getting rediculous

  3. ugh! says:

    the fact of the matter is that no one knows how much a bondsman takes to get people out of jail. And if they do accept a little amount its because they know the person and know they can pay and usually show up to court. More times than not the reason people don’t show up on big bonds is because they don’t have the money to pay their bondsman. Had this man continued to run then the court would have held the bonding company reliable. And anyone who really knows that business will tell you that if it comes to that, they will do anything and everything they can to find that person.

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