Text The Post: Mormonism

Posted 4 years ago

By Post Staff

Submitted by Jo Ann S.

All the discussion about Mitt Romney being a Mormon, why doesn’t anybody mention that Harry Reid is a mormon? Harry Reid is a Mormon…..we need to remind people of that.

Does it make a difference that Mitt is a Republican?




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3 responses to “Text The Post: Mormonism”

  1. Maycee says:

    What a silly question Jo Ann, it is because he is running as a Republican. We all know Democrates and Liberals are exempt from the rules and criticisms they impose on Republicans and Conservatives. Don’t even try to reason it, like Democrates and LIberals their rules contain no logic.

  2. cd says:

    Harry Reid is a Mormon elected in a state full of Mormons. It’s a whole different kettle of fish with Romney. Maycee hasn’t tried to reason for a long time and it shows.

  3. JP says:

    I have lived in Utah and have family that are Mormon, althought I am not. I know a lot about Mormomism and don’t see why it should matter if Romney is Mormon or not. No one ever questions the christian politicians who try to force their beliefs on others. Learn more about the LDS church and you will learn that they are not like the FLDS everyone hears about on TV.

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