Hutch woman enters plea in baby’s hair dryer death

Posted 3 years ago

By Fred Gough

Instead of a 2nd trial for a Hutchinson woman charged with 2nd degree murder, she has entered a plea.

Brigit Hippen was before District Judge Trish Rose Tuesday morning where she entered a no contest plea to involuntary manslaughter as part of an agreement with the state.

She had faced trial in association with the death of her 2-month old child, Karina Perez. The state had argued that Hippen was reckless when she placed a hair dryer on a counter near the crib her child was sleeping in, because of concern for the child being to cold. The child died from hyperthermia as a result, which occurred back on February 23, 2010.

With the plea Tuesday, she faces sentencing during a special setting on February 24, at 3 p-m.

Hippen faces a sentencing range of 31-to-136 months in prison depending on her criminal history. If she has no other felony convictions, which appears to be the case, the conviction would fall in what is called a border box, meaning Judge Rose would have the option at sentencing of ordering prison time, or some form of probation.

However, Hippen still faces trial for a separate case in which she is charged with felony criminal damage to property and misdemeanor battery in a separate incident. The trial in that case is tentatively set for February 28.

This case has to do with an incident which occurred back on May 29, of last year, when she allegedly punched another woman in the face for dancing with her boyfriend. The victim in the case, Desire Jenson had a retainer in her mouth and the evidence showed that the broken teeth were actually attached to the retainer. However, there was some bleeding in her mouth leading to the probable cause finding for the misdemeanor battery. Hippen also allegedly caused damage to the victims vehicle, including damage to her windshield, and the hood.

Again, sentencing for the involuntary manslaughter conviction is on February 24.

13 Responses to “Hutch woman enters plea in baby’s hair dryer death”

  1. Anon says:

    Unfortunately, I think this woman’s only crime is being an uneducated, immature, idiot Mom. I’ll give her credit, she was concerned about her infant child’s health/temperature. She was just plain stupid how she went about trying to “fix” the situation. I “HOPE” the guilt she’ll live with forever will be more than any punishment the law might give her. I think the best thing that could happen is that his woman would no longer be able to have children. I would personally pay for that to happen.

    • Aimee says:

      If she was concerned that the baby wasn’t warm enough then she should have wrapped it up in more blankets. I have never in my life heard of someone turning on a blow dryer and then leaving it next to anything or anyone to keep warm. It sounds like a damn fire hazard if anything and i’d be afraid of doin that to one of my own. Everyone knows that is not a good idea, hell even my kids would know that!!!! Its called common sense! I think that now days more and more women are having more and more un-protected sex and un-expected pregnancies and then instead of growing up and actually taking responsibility for their mistake(s), they either have it “taken care of” or give it up to family members and they raise the babies or the mother puts it up for adoption and goes on w/her life…..then you have the moms who dont do any of that and actually keep the baby but inside they really arent up for taking care of them and end up doing something stupid and killing the baby and then try and get away w/it by blaming it on some house-hold freak accident. I would hate to believe that someone i love just murdered their baby but i have heard alot of excuses lately for the deaths of babies and it kills me b.c. half of the motives/excuses are just lame and irresponsible and i dont believe that they’re just accidents!!! I have 4kids and never could see myself doing half of what i hear. I cant have anymore even tho i would have 1after another if it were still possible,so ya it breaks my heart everytime i hear of another baby passing away.I think alot of people now days are getting off easy for crimes that they swore were just accidents when in reality they really werent and its sickening!!!

  2. Name says:

    The only reason she had the hair dryer on the baby was because she forgot her baby on the porch in FEBRUARY! This is a prime example of what happens when u mix drugs and alcohol with parenting! I think she should not be allowed to have the opportunitty to have another child! Children are gifts why people like this don’t treat them so is beyond me!!

    • Heard the SAME says:

      I heard she left the baby in a car and it froze to death… then when she remembered the baby she went and got the hair dryer to warm it up… Who really knowssss!.. I guess drugs are what played the biggest factor!

      • s says:

        Are you serious??? You people just feed into rumor after rumor!! Get real!!! Don’t you think someone would have figured it out if she had left that baby in the car and it froze to death? People amaze me everyday at how ignorant they are!! Don’t comment on here or about her if you don’t know even HALF of the truth!!! You sound as ignorant as you are!

  3. *** says:

    Yes, uneducated because an educated person would use a blanket! Let her do time, yes she has to live with this the rest of her life but does that even really affect her??? Heck, it’s only murder, lets just giver probation and a slap on the wrist!

  4. Ray Hinderliter says:

    These comments are prime examples of stupid people who don’t know what they are talking about… I guess while you stay focused on other peoples struggles, it allows you to keep the focus of of you….ignoranius!

  5. To the supporters says:

    I blame the parents of Toby and Brigit… Obviously, they learned their superior parenting skills from someone… Ignorance does not equal innocence! Toby, Brigit, Casey Anthony‚Ķ all make me sick!

  6. sick of it all says:

    it makes me sick to continue to read and listen to all the perfect people that are so fast to judge everybody else. This girl has to live with the dumb choice she made and i am certain that if she could do it all over again it would not happen. What will prison do for her or for her baby girl, not a thing except throw her into an inviroment that will make her worse than she already is. Maybe you should pray for her instead of judge her. I dont know her but i hope she knows that not everybody is against her. you people just need to fix your own problems and hope you dont regret it someday when something terrible happens to someone you love. I know the judge will have a hard time with sentencing but I have faith it will be fair

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